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Contract Parts Manufacturing & Precision Machining

Contract Parts Manufacturing - Exline, Inc.

Contract Parts Manufacturing

  • Exline can help fulfill your production requirements when you have the demand, but not enough capacity.


  • Exline can also step in when your production-demand requires equipment or an expertise you do not have in-house.


  • Whether your needs are short-run parts manufacturing, or complex parts manufacturing, Exline can provide the technical expertise and quality parts that you require.
Precision machining services - Exline, Inc.

Precision machining services

Precision Machining

  • Exline has been providing Precision Machining services to diverse industries for more than 140 years, giving us a wealth of experience that can translate into solid benefits for you.


  • Exline is equipped to handle all production steps, such as machining, grinding, heat-treating, and final assembly.


CNC Machining - Exline, Inc.

CNC Machining

Machine Capabilities

  • CNC Machine-turning to 86" diameter
  • Milling -to 78" x 118"
  • Boring to 76" diameter
Thermal treating - Exline, Inc.

Thermal treating

Thermal Treating

Stress relief of components in our Industrial Furnace:


  • Maximum of 10 ft wide x 14 ft. long x 10 ft high
  • Maximum of 40,000 lbs


Grinding machine in our Machine Shop - Exline, Inc.

Grinding machine in our Machine Shop

Grinding Facility

  • Outside & inside dimension grinding of all types of surfaces:


  • 41" OD x 125" length
  • 42" ID x 48" length
Welding - Exline, Inc.


Welding in our Machine Shop

  • MIG Welding
  • TIG Welding
  • Plasma Cutting
  • Bronze Welding
  • Stick Welding


Thermex® Thermal Spray Coatings - Exline, Inc.

Thermex® Thermal Spray Coatings

Thermex® Thermal Spray Facility

The following systems are utilized to improve performance and extend service life by Improving Wear Resistance, Adding Corrosion Protection, and Improving lubrication:


  • Combustion spray systems
  • Twin arc spray systems
  • Plasma spray systems
  • High Velocity Oxygen Fuel (HVOF) system


Learn More about Our Thermex® Spray Coatings >




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