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DuraCoat® Protective Coating

DuraCoat® Protective Coating - Exline, Inc.

DuraCoat® Protective Coating


Recognizing that the plastics compounding process causes continual erosion to the mixing blades, mixers, and vessels, Exline-Inc. developed the DuraCoat® Thermal Spray Coating System.


DuraCoat® Protective Coating Systems  Offer All of These Features:

  • Restores worn parts to original dimensions
  • Improves wear resistance to prolong service life, in many instances up to 2 times the life of uncoated surfaces
  • Adds corrosion protection


DuraCoat® Protective Coatings selects from an extensive menu of coating options to achieve the protective characteristics most appropriate for your production part.

  • Component surfaces are electronically inspected to ensure coating specifications are achieved.
  • Mixing blades are coated over the entire surface-not just the leading edges-to extend service life.



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