Brochures & Fliers

Engine Protective Devices (download)

Ignition Systems for Industrial Engines (download)

Engine Control Systems for Industrial Engines (download)

SaveAir Electronic Air Start System Brochure (download)

Ignition Accessories (download)

Instrument and Compressor Control Systems (download)

Exline Mechanical Air Start Manual (download)

Exline, Inc. Capabilities (download)

High Speed Engine Services (download)

Compressor Packing (download)

Nordberg Engine Parts and Service (download)

Industrial Repair and Manufacturing Flier (download)

Thermex® Thermal Spray Coatings (download)

Engine Monitoring & Controls  (download)

Protective Devices  (download)

ThermAlloy® Coatings (download)

Repair and Manufacturing Brochure (download)

Industrial Repair and Manufacturing Services Brochure (download)

Parts Services (download)

Plastic Mixing Brochure (download)

Field Services (download)

High Speed Compression Services (download)

Graco Lubrication Equipment (download)

Special Services (download)

Engine and Compressor Repair (download)

Bearings and Bushings (download)

Power Cylinder Head Repair Services (download)

Power Generation Services (download)




Exline Resources

Exline Equipment List (download)

Exline Warranty (download)

Exline Terms & Conditions (download)



General Overview Presentation (download)

Thermex® Thermal Spray Presentation (download)

Industrial Capabilities Presentation (download)



Altronic Resources

Altronic I brochure

Altronic II brochure

Altronic V brochure

CPU 90 brochure

CPU-95 brochure

CPU-2000 brochure

CPU 95EVS Enhanced VariSpark brochure

DE-3000 brochure

DET-1600/1620 brochure

D.I.S brochure

ECMD-100 brochure

EPC 100 brochure

EPC 250 brochure

Flashguard 2.0 brochure

GOV+ brochure

GOV 10/50 Series brochure

PMM Power Management Module brochure

SaveAir brochure

TE-1000 brochure

USM Gen-2 brochure

VSM Vibration Sensing Monitor brochure

Altronic DD-40NTV Series Digital Annunciator

DE-3000+ Configurable Safety Shutdown and Control System

DE-3000 Series Configurable Safety Shutdown and Control System

Digital/Bar-graph setpoint gauge for pressure, temperature, vibration and other variables

EPC-250 Engine Performance Controller for Fuel-Admitted Natural Gas Engines

Midas User-Configurable Graphical Touch Screen and Data Hub for Compressor Panels

PLC+ Instruments

TE-1000 Integrated Telematics System for Engine and Compression Control Automation

PMM Power Management Module

Exline Ignition and Automation

CPU-XL VariSpark Advanced Digital Ignition System

DE-4000 Next Generation Safety Shutdown and Control System

NGI-1000 Generation Four Advanced Digital Ignition System

ActuCOM R8 Integrated Gas Engine Speed Governor and Smart Digital Actuator














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